Tricks To Get The Best Hotel Deals

Tricks To Get The Best Hotel Deals

Booking directly with a hotel offers a lot of benefits. For one, you can make special requests and get a better room for less money. In addition, hotel staff is more likely to know about special perks and packages that you might not be aware of. In some cases, they may even be able to find a room that is even better than you were originally looking for at the same price. If you are considering getting the best hotel deals in Fujairah, use the following tips.

Booking directly with a hotel:

Booking directly with a hotel is a great option for frequent travelers. This allows you to earn stay credits and points that will help you meet your status requirements. Status requirements are usually based on the number of nights or total stays per year. When you meet these requirements, you will be rewarded with perks like free breakfasts and upgraded rooms.

Booking during shoulder season:

If you’d like to take advantage of hotel deals during the shoulder season, you should start preparing well in advance. There are three basic steps to consider: review your local calendars, look at large area attractions, and analyze factors that affect demand. Once you’ve done that, you can look for hotel deals during shoulder season.

Shoulder season means lower demand, which means lower prices. During this time, hotels will often upgrade guests. Bartenders will be friendlier, and you can often find discounted last-season gear in local shops. In addition, shoulder season travel offers some of the best weather in most areas. Fall and spring shoulder season weather typically reach the mid-60s during the day.

Getting a free room upgrade:

Getting a free room upgrade when booking a hotel deal is a great way to score a great deal. While it may be easier to get an upgrade if you’re staying just one night, it can be more difficult to get an upgrade if you plan to stay more than a few nights. Still, you can get a free room upgrade when booking a package deal, especially if you book a package deal during shoulder or off-season times. This will allow you to avoid crowds and still get a good deal.

Arrive at a hotel late in the day:

Another trick to getting a free room upgrade is to arrive at a hotel late in the day. The hotel staff knows which rooms are empty, and they can easily upgrade you. You can also mention that you’re celebrating a special occasion to get a free room upgrade.