The Best Wedding Suit Options For Men

The Best Wedding Suit Options For Men

A wedding suit comes in various types of fabrics and colors. They are less formal than a tuxedo. Generally, these suits consist of a tailored jacket and suit slacks. Several options are available when you consider buying a wedding suit for men. Many men will opt for classic colors like navy or blue. These colors will show the groom’s character while also being a classic choice for a wedding. However, if you want to look less formal and more relaxed, you can choose a tan suit. A light tan is less formal than a grey suit.

Charcoal grey:

A charcoal grey wedding suit is a great choice for any wedding, whether you’re looking for a subtle alternative to black or something bold and statement-making. The charcoal color can be used for various occasions, from formal events to night parties, and it will go with every complexion. The charcoal color also looks great with black shoes.

Charcoal grey suits don’t look like they’re made from cement but instead feel light and airy. The color also works with most color palettes, making it easy to wear jewel-toned accessories. It also works well with pastel accents for a spring-like outdoor look. There are hundreds of different accessories to choose from to compliment a charcoal grey suit.


A classic style that pairs well with a range of colors, the Oxford wedding suit for men is a timeless choice for a wedding. The suit is flexible enough to be worn with jeans or casual denim, and the dark colors and textures create a powerful image. An oxford wedding suit is one of the most versatile articles of clothing, offering durability, breathability, and a classic look that’s perfect for any event.

Stylish and versatile, the Oxford wedding suit for men is a versatile choice for a wedding, a corporate event, and a special night out. Made of thick yarn and woven from oxford cloth, this suit can easily be worn for formal, semi-formal, or casual events.


A Derby wedding suit for men is a classic, lace-up style that differs from the Oxford style. Instead of laces on the outside of the shoe, the quarters of a derby shoe are placed above and below the vamp, creating a more relaxed look. A solid black or brown leather derby is ideal for a more formal occasion, while a lighter-colored derby is appropriate for a more relaxed wedding.